Guide to buying

Knowing Your Budget

One of the most crucial stages in purchasing a property is understanding how much funding will be available to work with. When organising the budget, it is important to not only consider the direct cost of the property, but also any legal fees that are involved with the purchase. You should also consider how much any maintenance work will cost on the property. You should also consider other purchases made throughout each year, to identify whether the mortgage is going to be realistically repayable.

Securing A Mortgage

Before actually searching for properties, it is important that you first secure a mortgage that you will be able to repay. By securing the mortgage before searching for a property, it will allow you to put in an offer straight away, improving your chances of securing the property. When deciding how much to take out as a mortgage, contributing a higher amount of the property’s value yourself will allow you to receive better mortgage deals.

Conceptual image of a man signing a mortgage or insurance contract or the deed of sale when buying a new house or selling his existing one with a small wooden model of a house alongside

Choosing A Property / Viewings

Before beginning the search for properties, you will need an understanding of what you are looking for in a property. The main features that you should be considered for choosing a property should be based around:

  • The location that the property is in / area facilities
  • The number of bedrooms that the property has
  • Amount of maintenance work required
  • Garden space
  • Existing utilities

For further details on choosing the right property for you, please view our house viewing advice page.