Property Valuation

If you are considering letting out or selling your property, get in contact with us today to receive your free, no obligation valuation from one of our property experts. To get in contact with us about receiving a valuation, you can either fill in our valuation form, call us on 0121 769 2858 or email us at

Selling a property

If you have decided to, or are considering selling your property, we will be able to guide you through the process of selling, keeping the process simple and stress free. To give you an accurate and fair valuation, one of our expert property valuators will visit your property and discuss the valuation with you.

Unsure about how to prepare your property for sale? Not an issue at all! Our specialists will be able to provide you expert advise on how to get your property ready for viewings to get you the best possible offers. By preparing your property’s appearance for viewings and having one of our reliable estate agents at your side, you can ensure that your property will make the best possible impression, getting you top offers! If you would like further information on selling your property, you can contact us directly on 0121 769 2858 or email us at Alternatively, to arrange for a free, no obligation valuation on your property, you can fill in our valuation form.

Preparing your property

Living Room in Luxury Home


When you are looking at selling your property, appearance is going to be a key factor in determining how interested potential buyers will be in purchasing your property. Before selling your property, you should ensure that the property has been thoroughly cleaned, as buyers will want to take a good look around, this involves looking inside cupboards! When cleaning your property, it’s not just the inside that is important, the outside is equally important for making a good first impression. Ensure that the space outside the house is clear, and any front and back gardens are kept well maintained.


Before the property goes up for sale, the property should be well maintained, this involves finishing off any odd jobs that you may not have got around to completing. This will involve making sure that the paint is fresh, fixing loose floorboards, repairing chipped walls, etc. It is equally important to do this for both the inside and outside of the property.


With different buyers coming to look around your property, you will want to keep the amount of personal possessions that are around the house to a minimum. By keeping your own possessions to a minimum, the buyers will be able to imagine what they can do with the property, allow them to be creative!